Day 1208: Heart and Mind 2

Posted: 2014/03/02 in Indie Games

This is an interesting take on a “Crush the Castle” kind of game. “Heart and Mind 2” has you shooting an “association football” ball (AKA a “soccer ball”) over or through various obstacles to get to a goal. The interesting elements, the ones which set it apart from other “Crush the Castle” successors like “Angry Birds” or “FishCraft”, are that:

– your intent is to reach a goal, rather than to destroy

– when your ball comes to a rest, you start again from that position rather than from the beginning of the level

And those innovations make it different enough that’s it’s worth a dollar to me.

Here’s what the publisher (FunApp LLC) has to say about the game:

“Heart and Mind are travelling across Poland in order to see the Championship. Help them to hit the ball into the goal. The fewer movements you make, the more points you get for each goal. Collect bonuses in order to get additional points. You have to carry out additional tasks at 4 special levels.”


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