Day 1209: Produce Wars

Posted: 2014/03/03 in Indie Games

What makes a “clone”? To me, if you make a game that’s indistinguishable from, say, “Asteroids” or “Snake”, then that’s a clone. If you make a game that’s inspired by a game, but with unique levels and revamped presentation, then that’s… well, that’s “Crush the Castle” being re-made into “Angry Birds” (yes, I went there). “Produce Wars” is another in that gameplay line that was started by “Crush the Castle”, evolved into “Angry Birds”, and so on.

What I like about “Produce Wars” is its top-notch presentation, first and foremost. Secondly, I like things like fish that jump out of water and can either get in your way or, with perfect time, bounce your shot to where you need it to go.

Little innovations keep it fresh, unique levels ensure it’s not a clone, and great presentation round out a package that’s worth a purchase for fans of the genre.

Here’s what the publisher (Samurai_Oni) has to say about the game:

“Physics puzzle/platformer hybrid. National Games Winner at Microsoft U.S. Imagine Cup. Features 100 stages and a world-class soundtrack by composer Waterflame (known for Castle Crashers). The princess has been kidnapped by the evil Doc Broc and his team of vile vegetables. Demolish structures, solve puzzles, and rush past obstacles on your way to save the princess.”

  1. andregurov says:

    A great game. Lots of depth to the gameplay (which is unusual for something that reminds of Angry Birds) and it really seems a bit of an evolution past mere physics-gaming. I really enjoyed it, and there is a lot there to merit the price.

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