Day 1210: Vacation Vexation

Posted: 2014/03/04 in Indie Games

The third in the “Quiet” trilogy, after “Quiet, Please!” and “Quiet Christmas”, Nostatic Software (also known for “Block Zombies!” and “Kung Fu FIGHT!”) has dropped “Vacation Vexation”.

And if you loved the previous “Quiet” games for their art direction and originality, but disliked how short they were, Nostatic has the answer for you. Minigames. Minigames based on old arcade games that themselves could each command a dollar in the XBLIG market. So come for the “Quiet” gameplay, stay for the arcade mini games, as they say.

Here’s what the publisher (Nostatic Software) has to say about the game:

“Ah, the family seaside vacation. Sun, sand and… annoyances galore. Explore, solve puzzles and play arcade mini-games in this sequel to “Quiet, Please!”.”


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