Day 1212: 3 in 1 – game compilation

Posted: 2014/03/06 in Indie Games

Coming to us from the publisher of “A Frog Game”, “M.A.C.E.”, “Dodge These Balls”, and “Tap Blox”, comes a sequel of sorts to “Dodge These Balls”.

“3 in 1 – game compilation” essentially includes “Dodge These Balls”, plus two others. I think “Dodge These Balls” is the best game of the bunch, so perhaps give this collection a miss if you already own that game. But if you don’t, since both games cost a dollar, download and try this one if you’re at all curious about playing a good dodge-’em-up. I love that genre more than is healthy, so your mileage may vary, but I recommend at least checking it out to see if it’s your thing.

Here’s what the publisher (EntwicklerX) has to say about the game:

“Collection of three little games to train your skill. Dodge, hit and repeat!”


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