Day 1214: Dashing Donuts

Posted: 2014/03/08 in Indie Games

Borrowing from influences as diverse as 1984’s “Ballblazer” for 8-bit computers (and one console), 1989’s “S.T.U.N. Runner” from Atari, and the trench run levels from 1994’s “Star Wars Arcade” for Sega 32X, today’s XBLIG is a $1 game that hits all the right notes for me as a fan of all three of the above games.

“Dashing Donuts” takes the sprawling, curving, 3D tracks from S.T.U.N. Runner, merges them with the gameplay from Ballblazer, and adds a few wrinkles that I first saw in Star Wars for 32X, and comes out with a compelling whole. You roll down the course as you slide under, jump over, or dodge and weave around obstacles. It has both solo and local multiplayer, and can generate random courses as a bonus. Strongly worth a download for fans of dodge-’em-up gameplay.

Here’s what the publisher (dankaczynski) has to say about the game:

“Race your rolling donut down an obstacle course as quick as you can while you jump, slide and avoid obstacles along the way. Accumulate race times as a single player or multiple players can challenge each other for the best time down the track. You’ll always have a new challenge version with an unlimited number of different tracks.”


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