Day 1215: Evolution:Fighting 4 Survival

Posted: 2014/03/09 in Indie Games

Playing a bit like the microbe levels of Spore, but costing a lot less and with an art style that’s wildly different (almost “South Park”-like, though not quite).

So “Evolution:Fighting 4 Survival” offers great value and nice gameplay, if you’re into evolutionary gameplay. And though I compare it to Spore, consider that I played a game that was along these lines on my Commodore VIC-20, which had 5 Kilobytes of RAM. This genre is not new, Spore and “Evolution:Fighting 4 Survival” are merely recent entries in it. And this is a good one.

Here’s what the publisher (liveitgames) has to say about the game:

“Swim, attack, eat, and engineer your species to take over the world in this action/simulation/strategy game. All species are randomly generated for a new experience every game.”


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