Day 1216: Tales of The Orange Forest

Posted: 2014/03/10 in Indie Games

I love this idea. “Tales of The Orange Forest” is a platformer, but with rag-doll physics rather than normal platformer physics. And it even has multiple game modes (unusual for a platformer).

So whether you’re racing in gauntlet mode, or playing against friends in the dueling arena, there’s a lot to like here. Originally 240 Microsoft Points ($3), these days it’s an impulse-buy friendly $1. The rag-doll physics add charm, and the level design adds challenge. And anyone reasonably familiar with roman history will see the terrible pun in the publisher’s name.

Here’s what the publisher (Romulus N Reamus Studios) has to say about the game:

“Tales of the Orange Forest is a rag-doll physics based platformer game. Run, jump ,and fight your way to the exit in Gauntlet Run , or fight a friend in the Dueling Arena. Chose from 4 different character classes. Play as Daru the Skeleton, Oscar the Ghost, Rick.O.Mortis the Zombie, or Vinny the Vampire to get past hostile traps.”

  1. ImTheMetalLord says:

    Wow this is one somehow I missed and it was just out last year. Gotta give this one a go it looks crazy fun.

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