Posted: 2014/03/12 in Indie Games

I cut my online gaming teeth on BBS door games, precursors to MUDs, which were themselves precursors to modern internet play, so we’re going back to the mid-80s here.

“TTY GFX ADVNTR” harkens back to those days of ASCII (and, if you were really lucky, PET-ASCII) door games where a mix of text, and graphics drawn with text and other special characters, formed the visuals you interacted with. And it’s a fun romp through nostalgia for a dollar, if that’s the case. I do question how much value there would be for someone who doesn’t fondly remember those days, so when in doubt play the free trial yet, but it sure brought back good memories for an old fogie like me.

Here’s what the publisher (Levi D. Smith) has to say about the game:

“TTY GFX ADVNTR puts you in the role of a hero who must defeat the dragon to save the princess! Battle monsters throughout the land. Classic RPG action!”

  1. ImTheMetalLord says:

    BBS you say? I didn’t think there was anyone out there that remembered those. I used to play some really interesting games that way with my 300 baud modem connected to my telephone. Yes I said telephone and not telephone line. My handset sat in a cradle. Games were so slow but fun. That was of course until I upgraded to my 1200 baud modem that connected directly to my telephone line. Everything seemed to move so fast till I upgraded once more to 2400 baud.

    I was also a co sysop for a BBS called “The Chattle Ranch” and we were on the verge of connecting our 100 line BBS with other BBS’s throughout the US. This was of course before the World Wide Web became the standard.

    Just the mention of BBS brings back fond memories. Thanks. I’ll have to give this game a go for sure. Dungeon Crawling Old School sounds fund.

  2. Thanks for playing my game! Yes, it was heavily influenced by BBS games like Legend of the Red Dragon. I actually used an old ANSI graphics editor called AcidDraw for all of the graphics.

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    Check out this quick TTY GFX ADVNTR review by Writings of Mass Deduction

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