Day 1221: 一>◇

Posted: 2014/03/15 in Indie Games

I played Seaman on the Dreamcast, a game so bizarre it had you talking into a microphone peripheral that you clipped into your controller, so have dialogue with an on-screen fish with the face of a human on it. That was about all you could do, with the game, other than feed him (I think)? Maybe you could tap on the glass? It’s been about a dozen years and it’s no longer fresh in my mind.

At any rate, I’m somewhat acquainted with oddball gaming concepts, and “一>◇” counts! It has you planting beans, growing trees, building spaceships, loading the spaceships with beans, and repeating. It’s weirder even than it sounds. But whereas I paid $60 or so for Seaman, this weirdness costs only a dollar. Worth downloading the free trial even if only for the “WTF?!” factor.

Here’s what the publisher (HITMARK BROTHERS) has to say about the game:

“植えて→育てて→削って→飛ばす 命を繋げるライフサイクルゲーム! 長い社名ロゴ表示のない最速起動!神の手を左スティックで操作し、発芽した豆を指で押して植えます。水場でAボタンを押し続けて水を汲み、植えた豆にかけると巨木に成長!上空で←か→に入力しながらAボタンで葉っぱを揺らすと、豆を収穫します。巨木上空でAボタンで木を握り、スティックを素早く↑↓で木を削ります。最後まで削るとロケットが完成!豆をロケットに乗せると一定量で発射します。豆の積載量によって、大地が拡張されます。突然変異で生まれる赤い豆は他の豆を食い荒らしてしまうので、低空で←か→に入力しながらAボタンで、指で弾いて水場に追いやりましょう。これを繰り返して高得点を目指すのがこのゲームの目的ですが、あまり頑張らずにのんびりプレイする方が良いです。”

Thanks to Bing translate…

→ plant → grow furiously → connecting life fly life cycle games! No long company name logo display the fastest boot! Left stick hand of God, and sprouted beans planted press with your finger. Put the beans in water and hold A button to fetch water, planted trees grow! In the skies above ← or → to harvest the beans and shakes the leaves with the A button while you type. Hold the wood with A button in the trees above the quick stick ↑ ↓ in the tree is cut down. Completed rocket and whittle until the end! Rocket, put the beans and fire in a certain amount. Loading capacity of the bean extends the Earth. It 食い荒らして other beans red beans was born with mutations so low sky ← or → to A button while typing in the gut water played with the fingers. Is the objective of this game is a repeat this for high scores on the better to play relaxed too much 頑張らず.

  1. ImTheMetalLord says:

    Oh no you didn’t? LOL

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