Day 1222: Power-Up

Posted: 2014/03/16 in Indie Games

You may have played something like this before, but the production values are so strong that it’s hard to complain. “Power-Up” brings together wise-cracking teammates, side-scrolling shooting, and (the titular) power-ups galore. But here you get to keep all five of your weapons, and then collect floating “P”s to level your weapons up. You can cycle between your weapons at need, rather than losing them every time you pick up a new one. As you would expect from an old school shooter, there are no save points, but the game’s not so long that it can’t be finished in one sitting. It costs $2.99, but the package is so complete and so effective that it’s well worth it if you’re a fan of side-scrolling shooters.

Here’s what the publisher (Psychotic Psoftware) has to say about the game:

“The Earth is doomed! As you pilot the prototype fighter, Weapon-F through the debris of your vanquished escape shuttle you come to realise that you are the last human alive. You alone must take on the army of reptillian monsters responsible for the destruction of humankind. You alone must carry out your final order… revenge!”


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