Day 1224: Aliens vs Romans

Posted: 2014/03/18 in Indie Games

It’s hard to believe a game like this can cost a dollar. “Aliens vs Romans” is a first-person wave shooter that takes place in ancient Rome… ancient Rome under attack from aliens that is!

The game is gorgeous, pushing nice textures and lots of polys. And the gameplay is pretty darn good, as there are dropships, stationary turrets, and other things to break up the action. And did I mention it only costs a dollar? Absolutely and strongly worth a download.

It comes to us from the publisher of “Toy Plane” and “End Of Days: Infected vs Mercs”.

Here’s what the publisher (Sick Kreation) has to say about the game:

“The real reason Rome burned! Go back in time and fight for the empire against the Alien threat. Take up the enemies weapons and beat them back!”


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