Day 1225: First-Person Mathematics

Posted: 2014/03/19 in Indie Games

What better way to spend your free time, than to engage in battle with mathematics, from a first-person perspective? “First-Person Mathematics” let’s you do just that.

And it’s cool. It tasks you with crossing a room without stepping on a tile that has a mathematical equation that does not work. You can walk, or jump two tiles, in any direction. Should you land on a tile that has a math equation that does not compute, the tile will fall away and drop you into a dark pit.

It’s indie gaming at its best: a game that would be hard to imagine as a $60 retail release, but one that’s an enjoyable experiment that’s worth a dollar.

Here’s what the publisher (holy socks) has to say about the game:

“First-Person Mathematics is a mathematical adventure where the player must navigate rooms without standing on any tiles marked with incorrect sums. Fail and you plummet to certain doom, but if you succeed you can take your rightful place amongst the great mathematicians of history.”


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