Day 1229: Hellhounds

Posted: 2014/03/23 in Indie Games

A survival horror game that has you navigating your way through dark, moody rooms and corridors, “Hellhounds” is not for PETA members but is for 3D action/adventure fans. Wild dogs attack. You fend them off, and collect skulls. The production values are decent and the game plays well. Definitely worth at least a free trial, and probably worth a dollar to fans of the genre.

From the publisher of “the monastery”, “Avatar Karting 2”, “Avatar Karting”, “Racedrome Offroad”, “Concept Car Series 2010”, and “Racedrome City”.

Here’s what the publisher (Juan Alberto Munoz) has to say about the game:

“Legend says that Hellhounds guard the entrances to the underworld. And once you trespass their domains, there is no escape…”


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