Day 1230: FarmFury!

Posted: 2014/03/24 in Indie Games

This is not at all what I expected. But I’m happy to report it exceeded my expectations. “FarmFury!” is not a crazy anime-inspired game like the “games” (not that they have much gameplay) from Team Shuriken. Nor is it a game that borrows from “Avatar Farm Online”. No, instead “FarmFury!” is a simplified RTS. Seemingly inspired by an old school Warcraft 3 mod, it has you creating and upgrading unit generators, and then throwing units at the enemy. So where’s the farm inspiration? The units you attack with, of course. Chickens, cows, and other farm animals. All the while, you’re running around the map and collecting things with a leader character, which gives it a decidedly different feel.

It’s unique and cool and worth a dollar if you like fast and frantic simplified RTSs.

Here’s what the publisher (MaxNeet) has to say about the game:

“FarmFury! brings next-gen farming experience where you “Physically” destroy your opponents farm in order to become the best in the industry! The game is a simplified RTS game where you produce mice and cow to attack and protect defend farms and use upgrades and special skills as a tactical options.”


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