Day 1235: That Orange Guy 1

Posted: 2014/03/29 in Indie Games

With branching level design, camera control that lets you shift the view around to try to suss out threads just at the edge of your field of view, crazy upgrades that include a super-fast fire-breathing sheep that you can ride, and much more, “That Orange Guy 1” is a platformer with piles of personality.

Oddly given the name, it appears to be an upgrade re-release to “That Orange Guy”. I played that over 800 games ago, so it’s not fresh in my mind, but it clearly seems to have new content and that’s worth a dollar to me.

Here’s what the publisher (ShavedRat) has to say about the game:

“Guide That Orange Guy through 50 levels shooting and igniting everything in your path. Spot a scary monster? No problem! Just shoot it in the face! Fearsome robot? Light it on fire! Features: -50 levels spanning 5 worlds! -Over 30 enemies! -Comrades to rescue! -Boss fights! -3 stars to earn on each level! -Flamethrowers! -Zombie teddy bears! -Explosions! -And more!”


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