Day 1237: Elfland Reloaded Vol. 2

Posted: 2014/03/31 in Indie Games

Did you like the original “Elfland Reloaded Vol. 1 “? How about “Galax-E-Mail” (from waaaaaay back on Day 23)?

Well, the sequel to the first game, “Elfland Reloaded Vol. 2”, is just as much fun as the first game, perhaps a tad more. If you liked the original, how could you pass up another whack of levels for just another dollar? That’s enough of a recommendation for me.

Here’s what the publisher (Bog Turtle Games LLC) has to say about the game:

“In Elfland Reloaded, you take on the role of Elfie or Elfita to try and save the elf village from threatening trolls. On your quest, you will encounter helpful turtles, aggressive birds, bouncing springs, purple elf-eaters, and other assorted creatures. In the second volume, you will get the chance to defeat the Troll Chieftain, rescue the village elves, and receive the Elf Medal of Honor!”


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