Day 1239: Noyd

Posted: 2014/04/02 in Indie Games

Bog Turtle Games which previously released “Elfland Reloaded Vol. 1 “ (2009), “Galax-E-Mail” (2008), has managed to come up with two games in 2013: the previously reviewed “Elfland Reloaded Vol. 2”, and today’s review. And boy is it different.

“Noyd” turns game collections on their head by taking genres as old as “Tic Tac Toe” and “Space Invaders”, and as new as tower defence, and… well, download the trial or play the video to see. But in a nutshell, the game encourages you to take on a minigame from a classic genre, and then keeps changing the rules on you every time you’re winning. Whether it’s moving the playfield around, or introducing a competitive advantage mid-match to your AI opponent, “Noyd” will do anything to win. You can try to overcome these disadvantages (such as a “Super Sprint” style car race where the AI cars are faster than you), or you can do what the trailer encourages you to do: discover the weak points in the AI’s plans and exploit them to victory. It ultimately makes it more of a puzzle game than anything, using classic game genres as the back drop. It’s different, it’s creative, and it’s worth a dollar for creativity alone. Just don’t be surprised if you hear “Noyd” laughing at your failures. Repeatedly.

Here’s what the publisher (Bog Turtle Games LLC) has to say about the game:

“Noyd is a new artificially intelligent game playing prodigy. Every artificial neuron in Noyd’s artificial brain is designed to crush you. Noyd doesn’t think you’ll be able to beat Noyd in one game, let alone the 15 Noyd is capable of playing. Warning: Noyd has been known to have a few tricks up Noyd’s sleeves.”


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