Day 1240: LCD Dungeon System XL

Posted: 2014/04/03 in Indie Games

I’m a fan of “We Love Hamsters” which has produced a lot of quirky games that rubbed me the right way. This is the sequel to one of them.

“LCD Dungeon System XL” reimagines Intellivision classic “AD&D Treasures of Tarmin” (renamed “Minotaur due to the lapsed AD&D licence in Intellivision game collections) as a two screen “Game&Watch” style portable LCD handheld. I have a soft spot for the Intellivision AD&D games, which I played the heck out of in the early and mis ’80s. If you feel the same way, and/or have a bout of nostalgia for Nintendo’s Game&Watch series, then I recommend it. If you beat the original game, then I similarly suggest you don’t hesitate to pony up another dollar for this larger and improved sequel. If you haven’t bought either yet, then this is the definitive version.

Here’s what the publisher (We Love Hamsters Software) has to say about the game:

“Return to the monochrome dungeon in a newer, bigger adventure. Gain XP and level up, find different weapons, face wandering monsters and save high scores.”


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