Day 1243: DATABITS

Posted: 2014/04/06 in Indie Games

Sometimes I play games where I don’t directly control things. Even games that weren’t really designed to play that way. For example, “Speedball 2” was not designed as a detailed sports management sim, but buried in the options is the ability to play it that way. So I did. A lot. I found it enjoyable and relaxing as I upgraded my players, made trades, and selected my line-up. Another one is the original “Star Control”, that lets you select ships and move them around, and the AI taking over when they fight.

“DATABITS”, on the other hand, is designed to be played this way. An experimental and simplified strategy game, you select AI characteristics for your units, upgrade them, and select items, and watch the results play out. The description describes it as something meant to be relaxing, and it succeeds. Well worth a dollar if you’re looking for a strategy game with a difference.

Here’s what the publisher (Aron Davis) has to say about the game:

“This game is an experimental casual RTS. Player’s do not directly control their units. The units are controlled by AI. All the player has to do is give the AI the right personality traits, select the best upgrades, and use items to help eliminate the enemy. This game is designed to be relaxing.”


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