Day 1244: Chicken Origami Invaders

Posted: 2014/04/07 in Indie Games

There are a lot of games that resurrect classic play styles that have little hope of finding an audience aside from people filled with nostalgia. But “Chicken Origami Invaders”

is one that has half a hope of doing so. That’s because it’s utterly committed to its charm, with an evil video game store owner that’s addicted to origami, and you’re a cat riding a chicken shooting them down. Core gameplay is “Space Invaders”-ish, but they’ve added all sorts of power-ups, upgrade options, temporary shields, and much more. The idea of shooting down origami shapes is brilliant, and there are all sorts of cat-riding chickens to choose from. And the (I believe) faux-‘Japanlish’ instructions are pretty funny (if as intentionally ironic as I believe). Worth a dollar for the charm alone.

Here’s what the publisher (TPCOP) has to say about the game:

“”A completely bizarre take on Space Invaders” Take control of a chicken carrying a cat. Defeat the evil video game store manager addicted to Origami. Wave after wave, he will unleash squads of his origami. Fight agains 5 finals bosses. Unlock up to 164 crazy costumes.”


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