Day 1245: Avatar Field Goal

Posted: 2014/04/08 in Indie Games

What started out looking like a cheesy mini-game without the rest of the mini-game collection to go with it, totally surprised me, exceeding every expectation I had for it, and ultimately reminding me of one of my favourite Dreamcast games, “Virtua Tennis”. “Avatar Field Goal” has you trying to kick field goals. All the things you would expect to be there are present, such as kicking from different distances, and a power-meter that requires precision timing to max out. But then the surprises kick in.

Wind plays a role, with wind direction and strength presented on-screen. Then different angles come into play. Then there’s the wheel you spin before each kick that may do nothing, may enhance things in some way, or may interfere; it may put a gigantic head bobbing in and out of the screen, or it may put inflated balloons hovering in your way, or it may increase the strength of the wind.

Early on you want to time it so you max out the power every kick, but some levels (out of the 16 in all) put barriers between you and the goalposts, requiring that you reduce the power of your kick to increase the degree of arc of the kick so that you can get over the barrier (rather than slamming into it) which significantly increases the challenge. And you it supports both online and local multiplayer so that you can compete with friends as a bonus. For those who loved the crazy minigames in the Virtua Tennis series, this is an unmissable $1 buy.

Here’s what the publisher (lutas) has to say about the game:

“Take on shot challenges across 16 unique stages. Compete alongside your friends in the multiplayer mode!”


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