Day 1246: A Game For Alexander

Posted: 2014/04/09 in Indie Games

The embedded video focuses on the intended effect of the game on infants rather than gameplay, and “A Game For Alexander” is great if you’re looking for just that.

I imagine there might be a secondary market for stoners who might find it useful in assisting them tripping out? Maybe? Not a market I personally understand, but I believe this might be right up their alley, and worth a dollar to them if so.

The game embraces a child’s instinct to push buttons seemingly at random, and rewards you with various visual and/or auditory effects. I can well imagine their delight when they discover the effect of another button, or learn that some of the effects can be controlled with the analogue stick. A great way to teach them cause/effect and motor skills.

Here’s what the publisher (Kevin Francis) has to say about the game:

“Alexander is 8 months old. His dad likes to play video games. Alexander wants to play, too! He’s too young to shoot aliens, so dad made a game just for him. He likes the flashing colors and fun sounds, but dad says he’s learning how to play video games. He even learned to change the color of the whole screen! If you’re not old enough for dodging space rocks, try this game.”

Here’s a Youtube review of it from an adult point of view, and it’s actually kind of interesting, and gives a pretty good demonstration of what effects the game actually has.


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