Day 1247: Doppelganger

Posted: 2014/04/10 in Indie Games

We recently reviewed 2013 title “Titan Attacks”. But Pumpkin Games released a little-known title way back in 2010 called “Doppelganger” that is pretty intriguing. It has you essentially playing two games of “Defender” simultaneously, warping back and forth between the top half of the screen and the bottom to attack enemies, and save astronauts. It’s simple, but enjoyable and effective.

Here’s what the publisher (PumpkinGames) has to say about the game:

“Doppelganger is an adrenaline filled 2d side scrolling shooter. Save the astronauts from the evil alien invaders! Play 2 worlds simultaneously in a test of dexterity and courage!!!”


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