Day 1249: ZDQ II Ghost Dogs

Posted: 2014/04/12 in Indie Games

Now here’s a game that brazenly promotes its music style as a big selling point of the game. That’s refreshing, as it’s a relative rarity amongst games, even ones with stellar soundtracks. Of course, like all games, “ZDQ II Ghost Dogs”‘s soundtrack quality is in the ear of the beholder. For better or for worse, it’s dubstep, and is either a big problem or a big selling point.

What else does the game have going on? Well, it takes the Minecraft formula and adds much more combat. Others have done that before, too, but where “ZDQ II Ghost Dogs” differentiates itself is in its mission structure. You’re dropped into combat somewhere on the big map, complete the mission, and then have to get yourself to the LZ for chopper extraction. Split-screen co-op is available as well, for the missions. That mission structure sets this $1 game apart, and easily justifies a purchase.

And no, I don’t know about ZDQ 1 either.

Here’s what the publisher (Edelica Digital Bros) has to say about the game:



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