Day 1252: EscapePod

Posted: 2014/04/15 in Indie Games

A semi-sequel to “Lights Out”, and with more basic presentation paired with stellar puzzle design, “EscapePod” is a one dollar ticket to great gameplay as you avoid lava, use (or avoid) escalators, manipulate the path of the alien blob so you can beat it to the goal, and more. If you get frustrated with a particular challenge you can actually skip levels too, a nice feature in a puzzle game (especially one with a huge number of levels, like this one). If you liked the original, get this and its 120 levels now. If you didn’t try the original, I’d suggest downloading this (or it) to see what you think, as they both have excellent level design and there’s not much more important than that in a puzzle game.

Here’s what the publisher (LittleGreenBob) has to say about the game:

“Solve the puzzle and get to the escape pod before the time runs out. There is just one problem…The enemy is trying to get to the pod first! 120 levels to complete across 8 different worlds. Includes a level editor to challenge your family and friends”


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