DAY 1256: The Unbreakable Chain

Posted: 2014/04/19 in Indie Games

More an art project and experiment than it is an actual game, “The Unbreakable Chain” is an interesting project that has a rough-yet-engaging hand drawn art style. Gameplay has you starting as a worm, and climbing to the surface, at which point you get eaten. Then you become what eats you, and run around trying to eat more worms. Eventually you meet your match and get eaten, which causes another change. And so it goes, throughout time. Hence the unbreakable chain.

Sometimes movement is top-down, sometimes 2D side-scrolling. It’s worth a download if you’re interested in unique artsy things, and if you pony up your dollar then you get to experience it throughout more of time (yes, all the way back to the dinosaurs).

Here’s what the publisher (QUIMDUNG CO. LTD.) has to say about the game:

“We’ve been doing this since 580,000 BC.”

If you want to see the game in motion, here is a review by someone else (not me):


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