Day 1258: Bureau: Kendall Rising

Posted: 2014/04/21 in Indie Games

This review is simple. Did you hate the previous “Kendall” games? By which I mean “Bureau – Agent Kendall” and “Bureau – Shattered Slipper” (not to mention the game “Lucky” that shares the same game engine). Both imperfect games that nonetheless has a lot going for them. If you hated those games, you’ll hate today’s as well. But if you liked them, or were curious about them, then “Bureau: Kendall Rising” is worth a download.

Like its predecessors, “Bureau: Kendall Rising” is a 3D action-adventure that has you playing an FBI agent who has to interview suspects, collect clues, and solve the case. There are multiple endings, and different routes to solving the case. There is also a lot of sexual content, par for the course with this series, and a love it or hate it element. Ultimately the high production values, and the inexpensive price (at $1, actually cheaper than its predecessors) make it worth looking at.

Here’s what the publisher ( has to say about the game:

“Crime solving game like no other. You are Agent Kendall. Hurled into the gritty world of arson, murderer and an anti-extremist extremist. Bureau featured in the Official Xbox magazine (July 2011). Original music score, full voice acting, cut scenes, multiple endings and crime scenes to explore. This is a reboot of the original game.”


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