Day 1259: Maya Challenge

Posted: 2014/04/22 in Indie Games

A puzzle game that has you flipping tiles to try to get the entire playfield all one colour, “Maya Challenge” plays like a classic old board game from times gone by. I think I may have played and enjoyed a game like this as a child, or failing that a computer rendition once upon a time. Heck, with 1258 previously reviewed games, I’ve probably already reviewed another indie game with similar gameplay and simply forgotten it after all this time. But hey, it’s $1, it’s fun, and it’s challenging.

Every time you flip a tile, it flips the (up to four) tiles in each of the cardinal directions (up, down, left, right). The challenge is to find the right combination of flips to paint the entire playfield one colour. It’s an engaging challenge.

Here’s what the publisher (Wondertech) has to say about the game:

“Maya Challenge is a puzzle game that will test your brains keeping you relaxed at the same time.”


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