Day 1260: Avatar Dairansen -アバター大乱戦-

Posted: 2014/04/23 in Indie Games

Maybe it was inspiration. Maybe it was inevitable. Either way, here it is. “Avatar Dairansen -アバター大乱戦-“ is a fighting game, full of over-the-top fighting styles you can select from, and massive jumps. All with one wrinkle: you can create the arenas you fight in, a voxel at a time. Now *that’s* not something I’ve ever seen in “Virtua Fighter”, “Dead or Alive”, or even (a personal favourite) “Power Stone”. It’s $1 for now, slated to increase to $3 later on (if the description is to be believed), has online and system link play, and has received post-release support to boot. Well worth a download.

Here’s what the publisher (AloneSoft) has to say about the game:

“Launch Sale 66% Off! ●Version 1.02 Updates ・Sharing system modification. ・Larger font size of scoreboard. ・Initial load time reduction. ・Code 4 error measures Live match. ・Change collision with bullet floor and not Smash. ・Other bug fixes.”


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