Day 1261: Decay: The Mare – Episode 2

Posted: 2014/04/24 in Indie Games

Well that didn’t take long. “Decay: The Mare – Episode 1” hadn’t been at rest very long before part 2 came out. Now *that’s* how you do episodic gaming. And “Decay: The Mare – Episode 2” offers more moody puzzle-solving gameplay with a horror twist, high production values, and the promise of future instalments (absolutely followed through upon with the original Decay series (“Part 1”, “Part 2”, “Part 3”, and “Decay – Part 4 (Final)”). Having played the previous Decay series is not a requirement either (though worth doing, if you haven’t already).

“Decay: The Mare – Episode 2” costs $2.99, and is absolutely worth a download if you’ve completed part 1.

Here’s what the publisher (Shining Gate Software) has to say about the game:

“A new psychological horror adventure game from the creators of the successful Decay series. Sam has ended up in an institution named “Reaching Dreams” to get rid of his drug addiction and his miserable life. But during the first night, something happens and he gets stuck in a nightmare that never seems to end …”


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