Day 1262: Blocks and Choppers

Posted: 2014/04/25 in Indie Games

Whether it’s “Blocks Editor”, or “Avatar Monster Truck”, “8 Ball Champion LIVE”, “9 Ball Champion LIVE”, “27 Ball Funky Pool”, “Red Tie Miner” (and it’s sequels “Red Tie Miner Zombie 2” and “Red Tie Miner Zombie 3”), “Dirt Track Racer”, “Missile Escape”, “Cosmic Caverns”, “21 Ball Snooker Champion”, “Blocks and Tanks”, or “Blocks and Big Robots”, I like almost everything Maximinus has ever released.

Time to add “Blocks and Choppers” to the list. Taking the engine from Maximinus’ other “Blocks” games, but repurposing it for an arial game with heavily destructible environments, this is a one dollar game not to be missed.

I still remember paying $60 (Canadian) for Crimson Skies on the original Xbox, and this game offers a lot of the same fun (including online play for up to 8 people), including the aforementioned destructible environments, for $59 less. I suppose a more accurate comparison in “Steel Talons”, which I pumped my share of quarters into in the arcade, and also purchased the (surprisingly good) Atari Lynx handheld version which I played for I don’t know how many dozens/hundreds of hours.

If anything I said in the last paragraph resonated with you in any way, you should definitely download this game, is what I’m getting at.

Here’s what the publisher (Maximinus_) has to say about the game:

“Online deathmatch with helicopters, featuring huge explosions in your typical fully destructible blocky world. Also supports CPU opponents for offline training.”


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