Day 1263: Little Flappers

Posted: 2014/04/26 in Indie Games

I don’t know about all of you, but I was vaguely curious about trying a “Flappy Bird”-style games. I knew precious little about it, just that it became ridiculously popular almost overnight, to controversy about whether it stole art from Super Mario Bros., to the game suddenly being pulled at the height of its popularity. Through it all, I didn’t even understand how it played.

Well, now I do. Or I think I do, as all I really know is how “Little Flappers”, and it seems to be trying to cash in on the phenomenon. Which, honestly, is what I wanted, and I feel no guilt about that given this genre is not exactly brand spanking new, as it bears similarity back at least as far as “Techno Kitten Adventure!”, which itself heralded back to older games.

“Little Flappers” tasks you with gaining or losing altitude strategically, to avoid spinning blades of death. The art is quite nice, much better than Flappy Bird (to be expected given the transition from mobile to console), and if you liked “Cute Things Dying Violently” (which I reviewed way back on Day 712) you’ll feel right at home with the new, darker theme.

All in all, if you’re curious about Flappy Bird, then you’ll easily get your dollar’s worth.

Here’s what the publisher (Psychdyke) has to say about the game:

“How long can you last flapping your wings while avoiding the spinning blades of death. Scoreboards and local multiplayer keeps you coming back for just one more go.”


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