Day 1267: Failing Bird

Posted: 2014/04/30 in Indie Games

Did you try that other “Flappy Bird”-like game and wish it had online leaderboards? Then wish no longer, as “Failing Bird” offers that and more. Coming to us from the “Lootfest” people (an inescapable fact if you read the description, as they explicitly pledge in it to spend all the money made on the sale of this game on the Lootfest series, of which I’ve already reviewed three!).

For a dollar you get online leaderboards and four player local flapping multiplayer, so those are reasons to favour this one over others if you’re still looking for a “Flappy Bird” type of game.

Here’s what the publisher (Gamefarm) has to say about the game:

“Flap your little wings to fly through a challenging course, but in the end you will fail! *16player couch co-op *Online P2P scoreboards for Gold members. This is a clone that preys on the success of an iPhone game, in hopes of a quick buck. All the money you waste on this title will be spent on my serious game project: “Lootfest”.”


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