Day 1268: Midnight Bite

Posted: 2014/05/01 in Indie Games

So it’s not quite Splinter Cell, it is a stealth action game that has a lot going it. And it’s from my favourite prolific XBLIG developer, Milkstone Studios, who have too many games to list. I mean that literally, I’ve reviewed more Milkstone titles than I have time to list today.

“Midnight Bite” has you playing a vampire who has to navigate levels, avoiding enemies on the lookout, sucking the blood from unsuspecting victims when you think you have the chance.

It’s plays out with a slightly isometric top-down look, with excellent art and nice level design. It’s a tad “Metal Gear”-ish, but with a retro avoid-’em-up feel, and an unmissable buy for a dollar.

Here’s what the publisher (Milkstone Studios SL) has to say about the game:

“Help the little vampire quench his thirst! Little Draku’s parents have gone on vacation, and they forgot to stock the pantry! It’s time to go to town in search of fresh blood… Stay unnoticed, and use your vampiric powers to confuse your enemies, but be wary of the dangerous vampire hunters that watch over the city!”


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