Day 1270: Proxy Blade Zero

Posted: 2014/05/04 in Indie Games

Gun Valkyrie was amazing. It was one of Sega’s earliest titles for the OG Xbox in the early 2000s. It was an impressive-looking 3D shooter/combat game that had you dodging and weaving back and forth, racing through levels at mach speed. I paid $60 (Canadian) for it, and loved it.

The things that made it worth playing have somehow been distilled down to a $2.99 indie title. “Proxy Blade Zero” is fast and frantic and has you shooting and sword swinging your way through the levels. I am continually amazed at how individuals, or small teams, can make things that would have justified $50+ on a disc at retail a dozen years ago. I’m not sure whether development tools are getting better, or what, but I’m pretty sure Sega has a much bigger team for Gun Valkyrie than those who worked on “Proxy Blade Zero”. And that’s a compliment to the latter.

Here’s what the publisher (D6) has to say about the game:

“Proxy Blade Zero is an intense character-action game. Destroy your enemies with devastating combos. Cheat death by mastering the arts of parrying and dodging. You are Fenrir, an advanced prototype fit for melee space combat. It is a time of crisis: King Anima, the leader of an army of rogue machines, is preparing an attack on human colonies. Stop him before it’s too late!”


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