Day 1271: Flupp the Fish

Posted: 2014/05/04 in Indie Games

Leave it to XBLIG publisher EntwicklerX (of “3 in 1 – game compilation”, “A Frog Game”, “M.A.C.E.”, “Dodge These Balls”, and “Tap Blox” fame) to do something innovative with the Flappy Bird phenomenon. They took a super hard genre known for its frustration, and made it a bunch more accessible. For the better, if you ask me.

Unlike other flappers, “Flupp the Fish” does not mercilessly kill you for the slightest mistake. Nor does it let you get off scott free. Instead, every collision adds to a penalising total, across different game modes. In some of them, you’re being chased down by a gigantic fish that will eat you if it catches you, and every mistake slows you down and allows your pursuer to close the gap. In others you’re in a vehicle that has to manage its water level and every mistake pushes the needle the wrong way. It’s smart and fun and quite different than other takes on this style of game, and well worth checking out.

Another creative change, it lets you try different modes of play, with a 60 second timer for each, rather than missing modes of play, or a master time limit for the whole game. A creative solution that lets you explore the game, while still having a motivation to buy. More indie developers should do this.

Here’s what the publisher (EntwicklerX) has to say about the game:

“Play the Adventures of Flupp the Fish! Dress your fish with nice little clothes and accessories for a little bit more fun.”


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