Day 1272: E.Y.E.R.I.S.

Posted: 2014/05/05 in Indie Games

The title of today’s game seems to be an acronym that stands for nothing in particular, aside from sounding like “iris”. But that’s OK if the game plays well. And “E.Y.E.R.I.S.” does. But the gameplay isn’t the main, or even only, focus of this game. The art style is. And it’s pretty impressive, with an organic feel and pulsing borders to the playfield. It’s a dual-stick shooter, and plays as well as most of them do (as, let’s face it, few of them can actually be said to be bad games), and we don’t get as many on the XBLIG service as we used to so a new one every now and then is welcome. New weapons appear to be pared to the levels you choose to play, which is a cool touch, too. Well worth a dollar if you have a hankering for a twin-stick shooter (which I do, every now and then, all the way back to playing Robotron 2084 on the Atari Lynx handheld, of all the ways to be introduced to them).

Here’s what the publisher (AbstrAKT) has to say about the game:

“Every choice you make will influence the way the game is played. There is an immediate effect and a delayed effect for every decision. Choices have no explanations and you must use your own interpretation of the images shown to decide which path to take. E.Y.E.R.I.S. awaits you. Discover your experience.”


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