Day 1273: Super Broken Games

Posted: 2014/05/06 in Indie Games

Here’s a $1 game that’s, at the very least, worth a free trial for audacity alone. “Super Broken Games” is , as the name suggests, playing games that either weren’t (or ought not to have been) completed. That means you’re playing game prototypes that weren’t quite ready for prime time, for one reason or another.

Those reasons vary. Some work, but the controls are too complicated for their own good. Others are insanely hard. Still others the controls have a fatal flaw that you need to work around to play it. Those of us who’ve played released products that were broken and required post-release patches (or, worse, never got fixed) may recognise this as a fun and satirical look at something that really ought not to go on, but somehow does anyway. Look at it with that light-hearted, satirical eye, and suddenly the game’s genius shines through. Best of all, there are more than *three dozen* gametypes, as many as you might find in a typical WarioWare release. Good value for a dollar, especially if you’re fairly frustration-resistant like me.

Here’s what the publisher (Feel Good Seal) has to say about the game:

“Mischievous Experimental 2D Gameplay. Sometimes, game prototypes go badly. Here you can play quite a few of those. Some twisted, some evil, and most of them plainly unfair. Enjoy!”

  1. Yay! Thanks a lot for your review! :-)

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