Day 1275: Ethel’s Ice Cream Shop

Posted: 2014/05/08 in Indie Games

Toolkitz, developer of yesterday’s “Little Rocket Girl”, has a game from 2012 that somehow slipped under my radar, and it’s very cool. Well, literally cool in a sense given its subject matter. “Ethel’s Ice Cream Shop” is a smart update to “Tapper” (and its sequel, “Root Beer Tapper”), except instead of having to just grab a single beverage and fire it off, you have to build an ice cream cone (scoop by scoop). It ups the challenge and the fun factor both, and it’s a great $1 diversion.

Here’s what the publisher (Toolkitz) has to say about the game:

“Take the role of Ethel, a little witch who has to pay for her school by working at an Ice Cream shop. Serve as many customers as you can as fast as possible or else you will lose reputation. Keep your reputation up and meet the hourly quota to survive the first day at work.”


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