Day 1276: Super Dungeon Quest

Posted: 2014/05/09 in Indie Games

Imagine something like “Gauntlet”, but with a lot more freedom of movement, and you have something like “Super Dungeon Quest”, an action-based dungeon-crawler with seven classes and some light RPG elements that has you dispatches enemies left, right, and centre. You are no longer just traversing narrow hallways (which may not have been the only thing I did in “Gauntlet”, but I must have done it enough that it’s the only thing that I *remember* doing in that game), and you have a greater sense of movement. It’s arcade game roots are exposed in that it doesn’t let you save, but it does have enough classes, power-ups, weapons, etc., to keep you interested. Worth a trial at least, and $2.99 if you decide to commit.

Here’s what the publisher (Smoodlez) has to say about the game:

“An action hack n slash with up to 7 playable classes! Fight through dungeons, collect gold and upgrade your heroes! Alternatively fend off waves of monsters in an arena gamemode filled with powerups, hordes of dungeon dwelling beasts, upgrades and more!”


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