Day 1278: The Keep: Zombie Horde

Posted: 2014/05/11 in Indie Games

Yesterday’s review of “ApocZ” reminded me about publisher “Sick Kreation”, who we also know for titles like “Aliens vs Romans”, “Toy Plane”, and “End Of Days: Infected vs Mercs”.

The thing I like about “The Keep: Zombie Horde” is something that is probably divisive amongst fans. But in the same way that I think the original “Halo” was improved by forcing to you only carry two guns (leading to interesting decisions about what you take and what you leave behind), so too does “The Keep: Zombie Horde” force you to manage your weapons. But here, the challenge is in managing your ammo.

“The Keep: Zombie Horde” is a first-person wave shooter, with good production values. It’s waves are pretty long, so having enough ammo to survive is a challenge. You can purchase more ammo between waves, so purchasing enough (and of the right kinds) is a critical, and interesting, challenge. And that makes this early 2013 release worth a dollar to me.

Here’s what the publisher (Sick Kreation) has to say about the game:

“Save the survivors! Multitudes are fleeing from the inner cities to citizens protection facilities. Hordes of zombies are roaming the cities and giving chase! With a powerful arsenal at your disposal, fight back the zombies and save the survivors.”


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