Day 1279: Lunar Panda Deluxe

Posted: 2014/05/12 in Indie Games

Remember “Lunar Lander”? It’s one of those arcade games that a lot of people have heard of, but not necessarily played. “Lunar Panda Deluxe” gives you the opportunity to check it out. Some modern sensibilities have been added (well, as modern as a made up 1978, but recently repopularised, fake swear word like “frak” gets, that is).

It’s an interesting challenge, dealing with newtonian physics and the threat of running out of fuel, all the while trying to navigate your rocket-pack-clad panda to the landing pad through some (at times) pretty challenging levels. Well worth a dollar for the nostalgia, or if you have a hankering to try something like this for the first time.

Here’s what the publisher (Adrian Killens) has to say about the game:

“In this revolutionary new video game you take full control of Mr Panda as he negotiates gravity, uneven surfaces and a finite amount of jetpack fuel! The year is 3016 and Pandas are now the dominant species of planet Earth. Amongst this God-like species exists one Panda in particular, known simply as Mr Panda, who left his home planet in search of adventure.”

  1. Dream Poet says:

    I spent many quarters on lunar lander then I programmed a lunar lander game into my C-64 and played it there for hours on end. Yes this games brings back all those good memories.

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