Day 1280: Blue Beacon

Posted: 2014/05/14 in Indie Games

Some indie developers only ever do one release. Others do one a year or so. Still others churn out lots of content. Every once in a while you run into someone who goes years, and lots of them, between releases. Adam The Otaku, who we last saw with “Curse of the Crescent Isle” waaaaaay back on Day 141, is back with a second platform game.

Platformers live and die primarily on two things: controls and level design. “Blue Beacon” does a decent job on the former, and a good job on the latter (I particularly appreciated certain destructible blocks that could only be hit by triggering an enemy to go flying into them).

Not that there were no other wrinkles I liked. Taking a page out of one of the Super Mario Bros. games where you could wear a tanuki suit (and given tanukis are supposed to have gigantic balls, Nintendo didn’t make the suit anatomically correct, but I digress), here you can wear a variety of suits with different powers: butterfly suit to fly, grasshopper suit to jump higher than normal, etc. And there are collectibles that enhance your platforming destructiveness, too. So all in all, well worth a dollar (or 69p, or whatever) for platforming fans.

Here’s what the publisher (AdamTheOtaku) has to say about the game:

“Save your land by collecting the 3 discs of power. Stomp, crush, and plow through the insect menace to save your land. To destroy them, you must become them…via cool bug suits like the Beetle Suit, Grasshopper Suit, and Butterfly Suit.”


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