Day 1281: Hoardzz Heroes

Posted: 2014/05/15 in Indie Games

Well, I didn’t see this one coming. Waaaaaay back on Day 452, I checked out “Hoardzz”, a game that took the classic old top-down tank battle games and replaced them with bugs… bug leaders commanding the titular (kind-of) hoards of bugs that is, giving it light strategy elements.

“Hoardzz Heroes” ups the anti with more varied bug leaders, better art, larger levels, and more compelling co-op gameplay. It’s an impressive update, apparently several years in waiting as I found an old post by the authors indicating it was originally intended as a 2011 Dream.Build.Play entry.

Here’s what the publisher (gamemakersanonymous) has to say about the game:

“Band with a group of friends to defeat the evil sorcerer who has converted you into small insects. Face spiderwolves, mothamancers, and giant snails in your conquest to regain your human selves.”


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