Day 1284: 2048: Xbox 360 Edition

Posted: 2014/05/18 in Indie Games

This is apparently a new numbers game trend that’s become popular on mobile. Following in the steps of Sudoku, though a very different game.

“2048: Xbox 360 Edition” comes to us from the publisher of “Hellhounds”, “the monastery”, “Avatar Karting 2”, “Avatar Karting”, “Racedrome Offroad”, “Concept Car Series 2010”, and “Racedrome City”.

But it’s utterly unlike all of the above. “2048: Xbox 360 Edition” has you matching together similar numbers to group them. You can slide them in any of the cardinal directions (N, S, E, & W) either into an open space or towards a match. Each match increased the value of the tile, as you strive towards the highest-possible value grid (the titular “2048”).

Like any good puzzle game, it’s relatively easy to get to a middling score, but careful forethought will be required to get to a high one. There’s a wrinkle here new to this edition (to the best of my knowledge). You can swap the numbers out with letters, mixing it up a bit. Either way, if you’re interested in trying this, it’s a free trial with a one dollar (69p, etc., etc.,) price tag if you want to keep it past that.

Here’s what the publisher (Juan Alberto Munoz) has to say about the game:

“The latest mobile gaming craze arrives on Xbox 360! As addictive as ever, and complete with online scoreboards. Based on 2048 by Gabriele Cirulli.”


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