Day 1287: Space Whip

Posted: 2014/05/21 in Indie Games

I was a big fan of “Atlantis”, an early third-party game from Imagic in 1982 that came out on every popular system at the time. A very big fan. You played as the last city on Atlantis, defending yourself against alien hordes, firing from turrets against an endless enemy (a truly endless enemy, as they kept coming until they finally overwhelmed you).

To my mind, “Space Whip” is “Atlantis” as re-interpreted by video game industry luminary “Jeff Minter” (of “Tempest 2000” fame). Piles of enemies and things happening on-screen.

For the properly “Minter-approved” experience (or I’m imagining he would approve), up to four people can play together simultaneously. So blast away from your city’s last defensive structure, struggling (and ultimately failing) to save your city. The ride along the way is worth it. One dollar if you’re ready to commit.

Here’s what the publisher (StrangeGraphs) has to say about the game:

“Space Whip is an old school 2-D shooter with re-playability value. You are a city defending against an alien invasion and the only weapon that you have to defend your city with is the Space Whip. Can you hold them off long enough to save the city? As few as 1 and up to 4 players can join in the fun at any time that the game is running just by pressing the A Button to fire.”


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