Day 1288: Alpha Morph

Posted: 2014/05/22 in Indie Games

My Dad’s a big fan of anything post apocalyptic. “Road Warrior” was a seminal film for me growing up, and that’s the kind of thing that he likes. A bad post apocalyptic film is better than a good film of most other genres for him. I’m similar in that I’m a sucker for anything about dogfighting in space. Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica, you name it.

“Alpha Morph”, then, rubs me the right way. The presentation is decent and the controls are good, and the setting is space. And a decent space game is better than a good game in any other genre, if you ask me. The game doesn’t have a sprawling, epic storyline. And the ability to have up to four player (offline) multiplayer seals the deal for me.

Be warned though, it’s tough. Download the trial and see if it’s too challenging for your tastes or not. Expect to see the “game over” screen a lot at first.

Here’s what the publisher (Hatching Disaster) has to say about the game:

“Alpha Morph! Collect energy from your defeated enemies to power and upgrade ship systems. Morph into powerful new forms to complete each stage.”


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