Day 1290: Stop the Xoid!

Posted: 2014/05/24 in Indie Games

Now here’s a co-op online platformer worth a look. “Stop the Xoid!” is still, according to the description, in “beta” meaning more updates ought to be forthcoming. But what’s here is playable now.

As always with online indie games, the best way to approach this is to get a couple of people on your friends list excited about it, each of you plunks down the requisite dollar, and then you plan game nights together. If you do, there’s a lot here to like, with a shooting-based platformer with lots of strategy around some players drawing away enemy fire, while others go for objectives, all of you customising your characters with upgrades. Worth a look if you feel you can get a bunch of people together to play.

Here’s what the publisher (dreamwagon) has to say about the game:

“The world is being overrun by the XOID armies who will strip the planet of resources and leave it in ruin. Defend your position, upgrade your units and Stop the XOID! v0.1.1 BETA”


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