Day 1291: Gear Head

Posted: 2014/05/25 in Indie Games

A platformer that plays it by the book (until it suddenly doesn’t), “Gear Head” is an appealing way for a platform fan to spend a dollar.

What I liked about the game was the unique setting (collecting car parts to repair your ride), and the fact that partway through the game the enemies change (and the rules about how you take them out, right along with them). If you download the trial, just know that it evolves past the 8 minute time limit, and consider that when evaluating it.

Here’s what the publisher (Ghere Game Studios) has to say about the game:

“Help the mechanic find all of the parts for his car so that he can continue to enjoy his summer time cruise across the country. Includes 12 levels of platform action. Explore 12 levels covering 3 worlds while avoiding lions, badgers, rabid penguins and more to help save the day.”


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