Day 1294: The Impossible Game

Posted: 2014/05/28 in Indie Games

One of the first hits the Xbox Indie Games channel ever had, and on my radar since 2011, it’s probably time to finally review “The Impossible Game”. The XBLIG channel is slowly winding down, and no XBLIG review site is complete with a review of this game.

It has you playing through an unforgivingly difficult single level as you jump over spikes and cross gaps with precision timed leaps. No continues, no extra lives. Start over from the beginning of the level for each and every mistake. Very difficult, very addicting, and something that inspires you to look past the frustration and attempt “just one more turn”.

Here’s what the publisher (FlukeDude) has to say about the game:

“Jump over spikes and jump on blocks to get to the end. Sounds easy? It’s quite possibly the world’s hardest game.”


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